A 3-sided Conversation: NATURE, MYSELF and ART

"Recently while walking my dog in a field, I had an insight into the process by which I make art. This field is a place where I have photographed repeatedly. The images produced are the result of an initial, spontaneous “conversation” between Nature and myself. The camera is a means or vehicle for exploring and articulating what I consider to be a two-way interaction. Over the past several years, subjects dominating that conversation have been trees and flowers: a venerable White Oak, Magnolias, a Thread Leaf Maple, a Weeping Cherry, a dying Peony., a fluorescent dancing poppy. After printing certain of these images, I work further on each one by hand, often referencing art of other periods and/or artists whose work feels compelling or relevant in some way. Recently I have been preoccupied with aspects of Asian Art, especially its use of gold and pattern. By including references to this other art, my “conversation” with my work has now become three-sided, including Nature, myself, and Art. I love working with various mixtures of pastels, pencils, acrylic paints, and metallics in combination with my photographs. By employing these, I am better able to move my original images from literal recordings of Nature into particular, and personal artistic works. When they succeed, they become for me like icons. They celebrate their original source of inspiration, simultaneously transforming and transcending it."

Flower Essences Flower Essences Flower Essences
  Gilded & Mixed Media Fine Art Photography Drawings